Reviewed by - Melanie D.

This place is awesome but even more amazing was the cashier/host Zach. I remembered my little brother from the last time he came in and greeted him by name. Zach was extremely nice and very helpful when it came to suggesting the ride package. My brother got a little scared after the first two rides, so when it was time for him to ride his last ride, Zach reassured him that everything would be ok but if it would make him feel better then Zach would ride with him. My brother agreed and felt much better. He raved about how cool Zach was the whole drive home. 


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Reviewed by - BERNY

 "Absolutely fun and entertaining for the right price. A definite must try for all."  


Reviewed by - Shawn B.

Really really cool, staff was super friendly 



Adam A. Ontario, CA

This place is amazing I bought an all day pass and played every single ride trying to beat all high score angel and a few of the other co workers I played with were challenging and fun gave me a run for my money I totally will be coming back more often 

Terence M. Long Beach, CA

This is definitely worth the money. To see the excitement and expressions on my kids face were priceless. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. 

Kimberly S.

Absolutely had a blast! The ride is at the Ontario Mills, so you can eat, shop, then ride......the staff was really friendly...... 

Isabelle b.

 Omg this ride is super fun will go again 

Cindy R.

Great first experience!!! It was very fun!!! 

Teri J.


Melanie R. San Marcos, CA

We were in the area celebrating our Anniversary and stopped by not knowing anything about this place. First of all, Katy was super friendly and told us all about the rides and which one was her favorite. We decided to do all 3 rides and had a blast. The combination of the wind and ride and suspense was perfect. Katy explained things well and we got better with each ride. She took time to see our photos and was just so sweet about everything. Great way to start a weekend getaway! Katy exemplifies customer service!


Dena V. Corona, CA

I am a 70 year old lady who had the most fun I have had in years on the gargamon ride!  This ride was unexpectedly all consuming! I came off of the ride gasping for air!  Such an adventure!  Just shows you are never too old to have fun!  

Steve W. La Mirada, CA

I appreciated how the attraction did not jerk you around the way a lot of similar 3D rides do; NO nausea or dizziness at all, while at the same time dropping us off waterfalls and bridges and through the Wild West.

I definitely recommend The Ride 7D for families and kids over 6. Lots of fun and a great break from shopping!

Sherri Z. Irvine, CA

We walked by this place and decided to check it out on a whim. My friends and I had a blast! The best description would be a 4d ride with a video game element.  We tried Road Fighters and zombies, and they were both fun. Each ride lasted about 5 minutes long, I can't wait to try the rest! Its around $12 for the premium ride but they have deals where you can ride multiple ones at a reduced price. 

G A. Belmont Shore, CA

Fun way to spend a few minutes if you are strolling through the area and need a quick adrenalin rush. Get the check-in discount and enjoy.

Mark H. La Verne, CA

Great family fun on a Sunday! Lunch, walk around Irvine Spectrum, The Ride 7D, ect. 

Jennifer M. CA

It was so fun. My husband and I did the zombie ride. Would do it again for sure.

Video Review

David Dang Vu VLOG #63 of THE RiDE 7D at The Irvine Spectrum Center  Note:  We have moved this ride to Ontario Mills and are No Longer in Irvine. 


Arlin S. Orange, CA

This place deserves 5 stars for both the experience and their customer service. There were 2 guys working and both guys were amazing. They were super helpful and friendly. They enjoy what they do. We loved it so much that we paid for another round. Will definitely come back and highly recommend to everyone even if gaming is not your thing! 

Emily H. Laguna, CA

Literally just left there and cannot wait to go back! I forget the names of the 2 guys working, but they were PHENOMENAL. I feel like it not only added to the experience, but made a lasting impression! Thank you guys, we had so much fun!! We WILL be back! 

Grace A. Lahaina, HI

We had our son's birthday at this awesome venue today and all the kids had a blast! Some of the adults got in on the fun as well. Can't say enough about how well we were taken care of. From start to finish. The guys at The Ride 7D know what they're doing and they do it well. Highly recommend booking a party. Very cool, very fun. Thank you The Ride 7D for EVERYTHING! You guys are the best! 

Eric I. Boca Raton, FL

Had a great time here with my nephew's. (12 and 15 years old). The staff was super nice and we had a lot of fun.  Make sure your ask them for a discounted second ride because it is worth it.  Also on some of the stories.  Really cool group activity. 

Jonathan D. Irvine, CA

I've come to this place 5 times in two weeks. I'm hooked!!  From the outside I thought it was just a virtual reality ride. Once I jumped on I found out that it was a video game where you get points for shooting and competing against your friends. This is definitely a must stop and visit when you were at the spectrum it only takes about five minutes for a game.

Sarah B. Mission, CA

My kids and I are a fan of this place. Sure it's a bit pricey, but it's worth it for a fun random activity to do. Every few months, they put up a spotlighted ride that's always different, aside from the normal few they have. Even if you're not much of a video game fan, I would still check it out. It's pretty fun having the full interactive 3D affect. 

Video Review

Customer Testimonials


Diana C. CA

I went through every single ride, plus the Zombie one twice! Earned over 100,000 points on the new Road Fighters and got a free T-shirt! My arm and trigger finger were dying, but I left happy ^_^ Will definitely return in the future, and looking forward to new adventures! 

Apurva G. CA

I luved it, awesome experience , the ambience, setting, the show everything was spot on, will try two other rides left 

JBug A. CA

My son (7) , daughter (5), husband and I enjoyed the Los Banditos ride at Irvine. It was so much fun. It being an interactive ride made it a hit with all of us. Definitely recommend this to everyone. 

Donna V. CA

This was awesome. My grandson (age 6) and I went for the first time and we both loved it. 

Michelle K. CA

Loved everything about it. It was so real and exciting. I went with my two boys and they loved it as well. The staff (one guy) couldn't have been more polite. Totally recommend!! 

Mary G. CA

The staff was great and the ride really gets your adrenal going! Really fun always take my friends when they come to visit...