Now Open in 2 Locations:

Irvine Spectrum, Orange County

  • Irvine Spectrum Center is one of Southern California’s most popular shopping, dining and entertainment lifestyle destinations, visited by more than 17 million people annually. 
  • Ph: 949-769-6772

Citadel Outlets, Los Angeles

  • You’ve never seen a retail center quite like the Citadel Outlets. Discover more than 130 stores and a hotel behind an exotic, 1,700-foot/518-meter façade straight out of Ancient Babylon—the remnant of a tire factory dating back to the 1920s  
  • Ph: 323-597-1699


THE RiDE 7D  is Southern California’s craziest virtual thrill ride at the Citadel Outlets and Irvine Spectrum Center. THE RiDE 7D is an Immersive, Interactive Motion Ride Experience. You will feel the thrill of an amusement-park ride and the excitement of a state-of-the-art laser blasting game all in one! Shoot, soar, save the day and play to win in a state-of-the-art 7D Experience.

Motion Rides available

Fun/Adventure Ride

THE RiDE 7D Fun Adventure Ride Los Banditos

Los Banditos The Ride

Action-Packed Ride

THE RiDE 7D Action Packed Ride Gigamon

Gigamon The Ride

Spooky/Scary Ride

THE RiDE 7D Spooky Scary Ride Zombies

Zombies The Ride

Intense/Action Ride

THE RiDE 7D Intense Action Ride Road Fighters

Road Fighters The Ride

Action/Scary Ride

THE RiDE 7D Action Scary Ride Werewolves

Werewolves The Ride

New Release Ride

THE RiDE 7D New Release Ride Robot Riot

Robot Riot The Ride

Secret Rides Monday - Thursday

Fun/Adventure Ride

THE RiDE 7D Fun Adventure Ride Pirates

Pirates The Ride

Action/Packed Ride

THE RiDE 7D Action Packed Ride Aliens

Aliens The Ride

Spooky Ride

THE RiDE 7D Spooky Ride Forbidden Mine

Forbidden Mine The Ride

  • Haunted Mine
  • Ghost, Skeletons, Mummies 
  • Watch Ride Trailer Here!